• Double Unit Corner Bar
  • Rent 35.000 per month
  • No Take Over
  • Keymoney 400.000 THB for the first 3 Years after this 300.000 THB all 3 Years


  • very nice bar / restaurant for take over
    the bar was completely rebuilt a year ago for a lot of money,
    it is a 2 unit bar with restaurant,
    located on a side street of the soi Chaiapoom
    very large counter,
  • 4 Basic Furnished Room For Rent, Rooms are Rented Out now
  • only Bar Chairs and the Counter are in the bar, no more Equipment
  • You pay:
  • well brick pizza oven, 60.000THB
    the rent is 33,000THB per month,
    deposit 78,000THB,
    Keymoney, 100.000THB 1 Time
    No Take Over
    the income of the rooms is now 20,000THB,
    you can beautify the rooms and get more income.
    a viewing is most always possible.


  • 3 New Listings
    2 Bars with each 6 Room and 1 Double Bar/Restaurant
    3x Close to Pattaya Beach And Walking Street
  • 1. Bar + 6 Room. Take Over 700.000thb,
    Rent 35.000 thb,
    3x Deposit.
  • 2. Bar + 6 Room. 999.000 thb,
    Rent 60.000 thb,
    3x Deposit
  • 3. Double Bar/Restaurant, Fully Equipped. Big Kitchen. Take Over 800.000 thb,
    Rent 55.000 thb,
    3X Deposit
  • All 3 Business are Working for long time